About Us

Carpenter Design Inc. was founded in 1989 by owner/ President Tom Carpenter as a wooden pallet recycling plant that primarily reconditioned used pallets to be resold to industry. We also build new or combination pallets and crates to customer specifications. As we began to grow and strive to recycle to a greater degree, we purchased a wood grinder and began to grind all pallets, boards, crates, etc. that were not repairable.

In January 2011 we opened a new company Carpenter Mulch Products Inc. which now handles all the wood waste recycling for Carpenter Design, Inc. Please visit Carpentermulch.com to see how they recycle all of our wood waste!

We offer a full waste wood removal service for companies or individuals wishing to reduce or eliminate landfill contribution. This service insures 100% of all wood is being recycled to NCDENR regulations. For the convenience of our customers, we also have implemented the recycling of other materials as well. We can recycle cardboard, plastic, steel, rubber and various other materials. Our goal is to provide our customers with quality pallets and quality recycling services to custom fit their company’s needs.